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  • Amenities

    The Amarillo Zoo is a stroller-friendly ADA accessible outdoor attraction featuring more than 100 animals over 15 acres of beautifully landscaped property. Guests can walk leisurely through the entire Zoo in about one hour or spend more time if they wish. Wheelchairs and wagons are available for rental at the Zoo’s front entrance.

    Looking for a refreshing break during your Zoo visit? Join us at the concession stand for a meal, a snack, or just to relax!  Menu includes items such as hamburgers, nachos, hotdogs, soda, ice cream, and other food items.  Please, no outside food or drink.
    Hours:  10am – 4:00pm Saturday and Sunday
    (Please note:  Concessions will be closed November 1 through March 1)

    Comfort Areas:
    Restrooms are located by the concession stand and in the education center.
    Shade trees and misted rest spots all throughout the park provide comfort during the warm days.

    Wheelchair rentals are available at the front gate. Rentals are available on a first come, first served basis. There is no charge for rental of a wheelchair but you must present a valid drivers license or ID.

    Wagon Rentals:
    Family friendly Zoofari Wagons are now available at the front gate. Zoofari Wagons seat two children and are equipped with safety belts and a small storage area for personal belongings. Rentals are available on a first come, first served basis. Wagon rentals are $6.00 for 2-hour use and require a valid driver’s license or ID.

    More to do and see for the entire family!


    Unlock the door to education and entertainment with your own collectable ZooKey. Your ZooKey will operate the nine audio-interpretive stations throughout the zoo for a fun audio safari! Purchase your ZooKey® as soon as you arrive so you can enjoy hearing the fun facts and information about the animals during your entire visit. Your ZooKey® will play two messages at each audio station. You can purchase a ZooKey from the admissions booth or concession stand. ZooKeys are only $2.50.

    Zoofari Carts

    On Saturdays and during the summer you may encounter one of several carts set up around the Zoo filled with neat touchable stuff like furs, antlers, skulls and more. These “Zoofari Carts” are staffed by trained volunteers who will be happy to explain the items on their cart and answer questions you may have about the zoo animals.

    Keeper Chats

    Check the front gate when you arrive to see if there are any special activities scheduled on the day of your visit. On weekends and throughout the summer there will be keeper chats, giant tortoise encounters, tales of scales reptile programs and live animal shows in our Safari Theater.

    Special Events

    There are several special events at the Amarillo Zoo throughout the year that enhance our visitor experience.  Check our special events calendar on our homepage regularly for updates and special event listings!

    Zoo Manners:

    • Please do not tease or feed the animals. For their health, they are on specially enriched diets prescribed by our professional Zoo staff.
    • For safety’s sake, please stay on the pathways and do not place children on the railings.
    • Please do not throw anything into the animal exhibits. Even simple objects can be hazardous if swallowed.
    • Pets are not allowed in the zoo. Seeing eye and hearing aid dogs are the only outside animals permitted, and only with the appropriate proof of certification. And please, for your pet’s safety, do not leave animals in the car.
    • For the safety and comfort of everyone, no balloons, balls, skateboards, bikes, skates or rollerblades may be brought into the Zoo.
    • For the health of all our visitors, and the animals, smoking is prohibited throughout the Zoo.
    • Please help with our conservation efforts by disposing your plastic, glass and aluminum in the Zoo’s recycling receptacles.
    • For health and safety reasons, footwear must be worn at all times.